professional development

Professional Development

Boost success with quality professional development.

Lack of effective professional development and training is probably the most common mistake made in the implementation of classroom technology.

In fact, while a survey conducted by digedu of over 600 K-12 teachers found that 93% of the teachers reported that technology has a positive effect on student engagement, a whopping 46% of them reported that they lack the training needed to use technology effectively with students.

There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if the teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.  -- Nancy Kassebaum, US Senator

As not only technology vendors and consultants but former classroom teachers, one of our biggest strengths at Engaging Technologies is designing and implementing a training plan that works best for you and your staff to maximize the impact of your technology purchases.

We realize that technology implementation is certainly not an easy endeavor; however, in our work with schools throughout the Midwest, we've had the pleasure to work with many districts on successful technology implementations and we'll bring that experience to professional development in your district.

An investment in professional development paves the way for implementation success.

Without appropriate staff training and programs for accountability on learning new technologies,  an entire investment in costly technologies can be lost.

Our Professional Development Focus

  • Combining engaging technologies with effective teaching strategies.
  • Making the biggest impact on student learning with technology implementation.
  • Helping trainees incorporate technology in a way that suits their instructional style and skill set.
  • Leaving trainees feeling confident in what they can do and supported with what they haven't learned yet.
  • Creating training plans that encourage ongoing professional development, rather than a one-stop, learn-it-all-in-one day workshop.
  • Reporting to administrators the results of our training efforts so that teachers can be held accountable and be rewarded for their own learning.

The technology situation for each person, building, or district will be different. For that very reason, we have set up several flexible technology training plans - onsite, off-site, and online!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Read what our actual customers and training participants had to say in their post-training survey (and call us crazy, but we think their opinions are the ones that matter).

"LOVED the training! One of the best trainings I've been at in a LONG time! The instructor was very knowledgable, the content was something of great value to my classroom, and the content was interesting and enjoyable. Thank you for your time and great product!!!"
"It was very well set up and run. Went step by step with time to practice in between. Presenter knew teachers. Very, very, helpful both at the workshop and a promise of more help to come."
"Extremely helpful, very hands on answered a lot of questions. Everyone that works with Mimio should attend."
"I would share that there is so much out there, and this was a nonthreatening way of receiving that information."
"I learned a lot about how to use Mimio. I was given the opportunity to try the program out and get help with it. I walked away with a flash drive full of information."
"The presenter was very knowledgeable. He answered every question."

"The entire day was a success. It was the fastest day I've experienced in training, ever! Presenters left no questions unanswered and I learned a lot. Food was great and the building itself was professional yet welcoming. I will be recommending that our principal sends more teachers."
"The Mimio training was a fabulous hands on training experience. The student involvement is great and you learn as you are doing the training."
"It was an awesome workshop where I learned how to use the material I desperately wanted to learn. They were extremely helpful."
"It was an informative training that not only "taught" me how to use Mimio but also "showed" me. Having one hour to compile a lesson of my own was a nice addition to this session."
"It is an informational seminar. When you leave the seminar you can easily implement a lesson into your curriculum."

We're ready to answer your training questions.