Classroom Technology Training Formats

We take pride in delivering quality classroom technology training delivered by one teacher to another.  We've been in the trenches, working to encourage those students who are struggling, and we know how great it feels to find experiences that truly excite and motivate your students and that make your job easier.

Browse our training formats below to find an offering that best fits the training that you are looking for.

Out-of-the-Box Training

out-of-the-box training

Out-of-the-box training can be added to any product purchase and last for approximately 45 minutes.

An ET trainer will visit your classroom to unbox the technology, help you set it up and configure, connect, and/or charge the product. Minimal Instruction will be given on a few basic skills  to get you up and running with content that you already have so that you can implement the technology in your classroom, at least in some part, immediately.

Planning Period Training


Planning period training days, our most popular training option, put you in control of the schedule, and require no additional money for paying substitutes to cover classes.

An ET trainer will arrive at your district or building at the start of the school day with a prearranged meeting schedule in hand. The trainer will meet with individual teachers during their planning period or during a class if the teachers needs assistance (or just encouragement) implementing the technology with students.

Feedback will be provided to administrators after each training to keep them apprised of what training took place.

This personalized training meets each teacher where he/she is at and is highly effective in getting teachers over the bumps that come up as they try to use new technology on their own.

Online Mimio Training

Mimio Essentials is an online basic Mimio training class that will leave users confident in their ability to effectively use MimioStudio in their classroom to involve, engage, and motivate students.

online training

This class is more than just videos to watch and tests to take.  You'll have your ET trainer with you every step of the way as you learn new techniques and see many ideas for implementation.  Each week, you'll be able to practice your new skills in your own classroom.

In addition to learning on your own time and schedule, you'll build a learning community of educators not limited by geography or school size.

mimio online training

Customized On-Site Training

Customized onsite training is group classroom technology training held at your location and can be offered for varying lengths of time, depending on the training you choose.

Ideally, participants would have a full day of "Getting Started" training, with shorter training sessions held throughout the school year to refresh and incorporate new skills as the school year evolves.

Software training in this fashion is best held in a computer lab where each teacher has access to a computer with the product software preinstalled. This allows participants to put their learning into action immediately, increasing retention rates.

classroom technology training

1:1 Individual Tech Training

One-on-one personal training can occur over the phone, in your classroom, or via webinar, and can be customized to cover training on one or several different technologies.

This is a good way to get help with custom topics in your own classroom, using the technology, curriculum, and computer that you use on a daily basis.

If several teachers need 1:1 assistance, a Planning Period Training Day is suggested, allowing each teacher to receive personal training during their planning period.

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