Workshop Topics

Our workshop topics can be deliver via any of our professional development options.

Keep in mind that the outlines of the workshop topics below are a basic framework of the topics. However, we will work closely with you to customize training outlines that meet the goals and initiatives of your group.

workshop topics

Mimio Training Modules


Mimio Interactive Hardware: Out-of-the-Box Training (30-45 minutes)
This training begins at the very beginning - your technology in the box.  We'll help you unbox and explain system components. You'll learn how to orient and calibrate the system as well as sync it with your computer. We'll make sure you know how to extend your warranty for free, and we'll leave behind valuable resources to help you as you take your first steps with Mimio interactive technologies.


MimioStudio: Using Your Current Content (1 hour)
We'll focus on inserting content that you already have created - PDFs, SMART Notebook files, worksheets, and more - and quickly integrating it with MimioStudio to take advantage of the interactive tools without a lot of work or lesson creation. You'll see how easy annotating over these documents is and use features that allow you to easily present them to your class. You'll learn a quick tip for grabbing content from the web and you'll get a quick introduction to MimioMobile.


MimioStudio: Creating & Formatting Content (2 hours)
Creating your own Mimio lessons is the ultimate goal, and the tools covered in this training will be cornerstones for creating and formatting content in your own lessons. These features will allow you to create lessons that engage your students and accomplish your instructional goals. Once you have a handle on these creating and formatting tools, you'll be on your way to creating Mimio lessons that POP!


MimioStudio: The Gallery (1 hour)
We'll dive deep into the MimioStudio Gallery. You'll learn how to customize the Gallery to make it your own file cabinet for lesson components, allowing you to create lessons faster and easier! Learn how to navigate the Gallery and search the Gallery to find needed items quickly. Find out how to backup your customized Gallery and reinstall it in case your computers are re-imaged over the summer or your computer crashes.


MimioConnect (1 hour)
MimioConnect provides a wealth of priceless information - tutorials, frequently asked questions, and - most importantly - Mimio lessons created by educators that are free to download and ready to implement. We'll show you how to use the MimioConnect search to your advantage and how to download lessons. We'll show you how to use downloaded MimioConnect lessons as starting blocks that you can modify to build your own lessons customized for your classroom instruction.


MimioMobile (1 hour)
Learn how MimioMobile can change the dynamics of your classroom by allowing collaboration with MimioPads or 1:1 devices. Find out how to control your computer with your iPad, Windows or Android tablet, and use the built-in student response system - no clickers required! You'll see how you can pass control to a student, and we'll discuss and participate in collaboration models you can use in the classroom.

Did you know we offer online Mimio training that can easily fit into your busy schedule?

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Livescribe Smartpens


The Livescribe Smartpen: Out of the Box (3 hours)
This half-day training gets your smartpens out of the box and goes through the initial setup of your pens. We'll learn the ins and outs of notebook management, as well as become familiar with the Livescribe software and its use in management of your smartpen notes.


Beyond Notetaking with the Livescribe Smartpen (3 hours)
Our second Livescribe training goes well beyond notetaking and is designed for those who are interested in implementing their Livescribe smartpen in the classroom in a variety of ways. In addition to note-taking, we'll investigate uses for print-on-paper activities, sticky notes, audio dots and sound stickers. You'll leave this training with a whole new insight on this multi-purpose technology!

livescribe smartpen training

NOTE: Our two smartpen trainings are often paired together, starting with Session 1 in the morning and Session 2 in the afternoon. Participants get their smartpens set up and become comfortable with using the pen and software in the morning. The afternoon is spent learning all the creative ways that smartpens can be used in the classroom beyond simply notetaking.

Document Cameras


Get the Most From Your Document Camera in the Classroom (1 hour)
Gone are the days of using document cameras to simply project documents. Find out what makes the document camera one of the most versatile pieces of classroom technology. Give every student a front row seat and engage them with exciting uses for your document camera. From Show and Tell to "In-Your-Face-Science Experiments," the sky's the limit!

mimioview document camera

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