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Projectors & AV

Bigger, brighter and bolder presentations.

Projectors and AV equipment in today's classroom are the foundational core of a classroom's technology.

Everything viewable and audible on a computer has to pass through the display and speakers. If your display is not easy on the eyes and dependable or your audio is unheard, a distraction barrier has been created between students and the instruction.

Engaging Technologies offers a strong line of projectors and AV equipment to complete your 21st century classroom experience and provide a solid basis for your interactive technologies.

boxlight mimio p12 series projectors

Projectors for Classrooms, Conference Rooms, and More

As we consult with you on the best projector for your space, we will evaluate the projector location and work along side you to select the projector that is the best fit for your environment and needs.

Although our main projector lines include Boxlight-Mimio and Hitachi, we offer projectors of many different types, sizes, and prices, including projectors for your conference room, place of worship, business, or college lecture hall.

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Click the button below to download our Tips for Choosing a Classroom Projector document, which also includes a comparison of our Boxlight P12 projectors.

As one of only a handful of select Hitachi partners, all Hitachi projectors purchased from Engaging Technologies receive a full one-year lamp warranty, rather than the standard 90-day lamp warranty.

Our Boxlight-Mimio projectors offer Lamps-for-Life, a program that allows you to pay a small one-time fee and receive all your lamps free for life!

Sound Amplification Systems

Engaging Technologies is proud to offer a complete sound system solution from Audio Enhancement. Audio Enhancement technology distributes the teacher’s voice evenly throughout the classroom, removing the learning barrier that hearing difficulties creates.

The distribution of sound is accomplished by the teacher wearing a small infrared wireless microphone that transmits her voice through speakers mounted throughout the classroom ceiling.

In addition, students can use a handheld microphone to project their voice when reading aloud, giving reports, or presenting to the class.

Sound originating from computers, projectors, iPods, etc. is also supported with the system.

Research demonstrates that sound amplifications systems lead to:

  • Improved attention and on-task learning
  • Improved student participation
  • Improved academic success.

If you're ready to learn more about the benefits of sound amplification systems and how they work, get in touch with us to learn more! Meanwhile, download this brochure to learn more about how Audio Enhancement enhances the classroom experience.


If you are purchasing wall or ceiling-mounted projectors, dry erase boards, or a wall-mounted boards and flat panel displays, you may require assistance with installation.

Upon request, Engaging Technologies partners with certified electricians for installation of projectors, interactive whiteboards, and sound amplification systems at an additional cost.

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