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Swivl is redefining teaching & learning with video.

Swivl is a robotic platform that works with a smartphone, tablet or DSLR camera to record presentations or class instruction. This easy-to-use, automated classroom assistant jumpstarts flipped and blended learning, accelerates professional development, enhances classroom observation and much more.

In recent years, video has been recognized as a highly effective instructional tool. However, for many instructors and trainers, the amount of time and effort required, the bulky setup necessary, and difficulty storing and sharing these large files, have set up roadblocks to using video effectively in the classroom or training program.

Swivl makes it easy to start using video in a powerful way, as not just a passive viewer, but by making video an interactive experience.

Take a look below at Swivl's easy 3-step solution to get started advancing your own teaching and learning with video.

The Swivl Three-Part Solution

swivl robot

Track with the Swivl Robot

The Swivl robot works by receiving an infrared signal from a small remote, called the "marker," which can be held, worn on a lanyard around your neck, or set on a table. Simply set your phone or tablet into the dock, and the Swivl robot rotates and tilts to follow the marker as you move around the classroom.

The marker has a built-in microphone that records professional-quality audio and buttons that start/stop/pause recording and tracking, putting recording control in the hands of the instructor.

With the new C Series Swivl robot*, up to 5 markers can be used, allowing educators to collect audio from small group discussions around the room!

Capture with the Swivl App

The free Swivl app is available for both iOS and Android users and controls the firmware and settings for the Swivl Robot, making it easy for users to capture video on their device.

Video can be captured alone or paired with presentation materials. With the heads-up display, users can even view presentations, a timer, or what is being recorded on the screen, giving Swivl even more uses!

In addition, you won't have to worry about moving video content from place to place. The Swivl app seamlessly uploads videos to Swivl Cloud where videos can be shared in 4 easy ways: e-mail, in a group, with a direct link, or embedded in a website.

swivl practice app
swivl cloud screenshot

Share Videos with Swivl Cloud

Swivl Cloud is the location for videos uploaded automatically from the Swivl app, and serves the purpose of editing, storing, and sharing. Once videos are shared in Swivl Cloud, viewers can share comments, questions and dialogue, making Swivl Cloud a great reflection tool and invaluable for making your video content interactive!

In addition to integrating with any LMS, analytics in Swivl Cloud Pro let administrators and teachers know who has viewed video content. A Swivl Team Cloud Administrator account allows administrators to view their team’s usage and videos even if they haven’t been shared.

*The Swivl C Series robot is not compatible with iOS devices with a 30-pin connector. This includes iPhones before the iPhone 5 and iPads before the iPad 4th generation.

What Do Educators Think About Swivl?

I like the ability that the Swivl gives me to communicate with my students outside of class. I recently had a student with a long term medical absence. By using the Swivl, I was able to keep her current on materials and also provide her with a connection to her classmates.

It has also been beneficial in my professional development.  In reviewing taped classes, I can improve my teaching strategies and differentiation of instruction.

-- Kellye Deane, German Teacher
Gretna Public Schools, NE

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Realize the potential Swivl has for your programs with a free trial!

We can visit your school for a hands-on demo or we'll send you individual units to try for yourself.

We're confident you'll be amazed at just how easy video is with Swivl. After 30 days, if it isn't the fit you thought it would be for your program, simply return it and you won't be charged.

Are you ready to make video easy with Swivl?