Swivl Makes A Splash in KS and NE

swivl makes a splash in kansas

Swivl made a splash when Engaging Technologies visited customers last month with Emily Merritt, Swivl’s User Success Manager.  Emily made the journey from California to spend some time on the road with ET Team Members, Dustin and Kent, visiting schools in both Kansas and Nebraska.

The first stop was Lincoln Public Schools where ET had great conversations with some of their Instructional Design coaches around using Swivl as a video recording tool for teacher feedback and evaluation.

When ET met with the instructional coaches at Geary County Schools USD 475, their ideas were centered around using Swivl as an evaluation tool for teachers, as well as allowing students to use Swivl for projects and allowing students to evaluate one another.

geary county instructional coaches

We had a super day working with these Geary County Instructional Coaches!


emily sharing swivl cloud

Emily Merritt, Swivl Education Success User, shares Swivl Cloud with Geary County Instructional Coaches.

The stop to visit with the K-State Teacher Education program was enlightening to say the least. Not only is Swivl instrumental in their Teacher Education program, but they have presented several times on the topic “Enhanced Supervision Opportunities: Technology as a Vehicle for Enabling Distance Supervision and Improving Accountability,” and continue to do research on this idea.

K-State Students teachers now use Swivl to record and submit multiple teaching sessions to their supervising teacher at KSU. Supervisors are able to evaluate these recordings, provide feedback through the ProCloud, and tag the videos with certain strategies, examples etc. This has allowed supervising teachers to evaluate students multiple times without spending so much time (and gas money) on multiple trips across the state. 

Students have even commented that the self-reflection Swivl is enabling has vastly improved their teaching at a much faster rate. We are excited to see what other new developments come out of this program!

K-State Swivl meeting

Hearing from K-State and how Swivl is improving their Teacher Education program was so exciting. We can’t wait to see what other incredible information comes from their Swivl use!

Our final stop was at Mid-America Nazarene with their Teacher Education program. They are looking into using Swivl for flipping their own college classrooms and making classroom instruction available to students that miss class. They’ll also be trying out the use of Swivl in their student teaching experiences.

With these visits in the books, we were thrilled to see the varied uses for different environments that Swivl provides. The excitement surrounding Swivl at every stop was palpable. Video is changing education and Swivl makes it easy!