Swivl March Promotions – Get Them Before They’re Gone

swivl march promotions

There are some great Swivl March promotions set to expire at the end of the month. If you’re considering a Swivl purchase in the near future, take advantage of these deals and get the most bang for your buck!

Free Swivl Pro Account

Get a $50 Swivl Pro account for one year free of charge with the purchase of any C series robot. The Swivl Pro account allows access to everything an individual teacher needs to observe class more effectively and get feedback from others.

With one year of a free Swivl Pro account, in addition to your standard Swivl Cloud account features, you’ll also have access to:

  • Private sharing

  • Personalized viewing analytics

  • Two way time stamped commenting

  • Editing for export

  • Slide production for export

  • Embedding

Since the release of the new Swivl Robot, a free Pro account has been included with a new Swivl C1, C3 or C5 robot purchase, but this promotional offer is ending on March 31st, 2017!  Check out the Swivl plan comparisons here.

Trade in Your Gen 2 Robot

Return your Gen 2 Robot to Swivl to recycle and you can purchase a new Swivl Robot at a discount — C3 at C1 price, or C5 at C3 price. The new C Series Swivl robot makes it possible to use five markers at once, which will allow you to collect audio from small group discussions around the room simultaneously!

Try a C1 Marker Upgrade Risk-Free

Try extra markers to upgrade your C1 to a C3 or a C5 for 30 days. After 30 days, return or keep them and we’ll invoice you. If you’re settled in with your Swivl and want to see how using multiple markers works in your classroom, this is a great opportunity.

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These Swivl March promotions will end March 31, 2017. Don’t miss out on these great opportunities!

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