They Say Education is Going Mobile, but is Classroom Instruction?

Mimio recently blogged (Education is Going Mobile: Infographic of Mobile Trends in the Classroom) about an infographic of mobile trends in the classroom that definitely caught my attention and stirred up some definite questions in my mind.

Download the infographic here…

The fact that education is “going mobile” is definitely no big surprise, as education budgets are definitely being spent on mobile purchases.  However, is education going mobile or education spending?  Is there a direct change in the instruction based on those mobile purchases? Are teachers teaching differently with these tools or teaching much the same way and throwing in an iPad lesson once a week?

As a former teacher and a lover of all things techie, I work with educational technology on a daily basis.  I am immersed in the culture of it and my exposure is often with those people who are making a concentrated effort to use and embed technology.

However, as a parent, I see a different side of the coin.  Much of the homework my kids bring home looks very similar to that which I brought home many, many (we won’t put a number on that) years ago. It is “look and toss” kind of work and I can’t help but wonder if something more “meaningful” might have inspired better work or increased enthusiasm.

I know there are districts that are trying, and some are succeeding more than others. And yes, I understand that budgets are an issue.  But, what about schools that have the technology and in those same schools, EDUCATORS ARE STILL NOT CHANGING HOW THEY TEACH?

This has been brewing in my head for a while and I recently came upon this article: Putting Change on the Backs of Teachers is a Bad, Bad Idea — THE Journal. WOW!  It made me realize that I’m not crazy for thinking this way.

So, if putting change on the backs of teachers is a bad, bad idea, what can districts do to move teachers past using technology on top of old lessons and instead implementing technology in the foundation of a new lesson that goes beyond what we could have done without the technology?

Is your district taking steps to encourage, instruct, and inspire teacher within the district to use technology tools to go beyond just what students can quickly reference on the Internet and to create, collaborate, and assess in new and more effective ways?

  • Revamping professional development?
  • Implementing mentoring/coaching?
  • Grade Level Tech Teams?
  • Personal Accountability?
  • Awards, prizes, incentives?

If your school or district is taking a focused initiative to change the foundation of instruction to embed technology, we’d love to hear it! Share your successes and/or ideas in the comment box below.