Think Outside the Box with Your Audience Response System

We love to hear of technology users thinking outside the box.

1621756_10152149567976211_94488063_nIn fact, an idea we heard about last week had us considering going incognito as eye doctors to New York City just to participate in person in a concert held for attendees of the International Vision Expo. (Ok, maybe that won’t really work out since the closest thing we’ve done to being an eye doctor is wear glasses, but we do REALLY want to try it out and be part of the fun!)

As OptometryTimes reported last week, the band Bad Habit, the “EyeDocs of Rock,” are thinking outside the box for their upcoming concert for fellow International Vision Expo attendees to be held later this month; they’re crowdsourcing with clickers to create an interactive concert!

“In addition to the traditional evening of music, fellowship, and social networking, the band plans to create an interactive concert,” says band front man Dr. Michael “Jules” Raies. “We are planning to have an audience response system on hand that night, so the crowd can choose the next song they want to hear and vote for it from the dance floor with handheld clickers.The winning response gets displayed instantly and the band performs that song next. Now that’s what I mean when I say, ‘Technology Rocks!’”

via Bad Habits to perform at Vision Expo East | OptometryTimes.

We think this is a fantastic idea that really does prove that technology ROCKS!

Are you thinking outside the box with your classroom clickers by using them in a way that gets your students thinking technology rocks? We’d love to hear about it!