VIDEO: Using the Mimio Color Picker Tool to Modify Mimio Activities

Mimio Color Picker Tool

Using the Mimio Color Picker Tool in MimioStudio interactive software is an easy way to modify Mimio Activities downloaded from MimioConnect so that they correlate with your classroom style, images you add to the lesson, or color schemes you are using for specific holidays.

Mimio Color Picker Tool in the Mimio Toolbar

This is especially true when downloading Mimio activities straight from MimioConnect, as you’ll find these are a great starting point and most of the lesson is already done for you. However, you’ll often want to modify MimioConnect lessons just a bit to make them your own. For example, you may want to add a fun image and would like to modify the color scheme of the entire lesson to match the colors of the image.


Using the Mimio Color Picker Tool to Modify a Magic Window

Using the Mimio Color Picker Tool is just what you need to get your lesson looking sharp! In addition, it makes creating Magic Windows like the one you see demonstrated in the video below a breeze. Once you’ve selected your color with the Color Picker, it’s easy to just use the Object Fill Tool (the paint bucket) to fill shapes and boxes with your selected color.

For the video below, we downloaded a Thanksgiving lesson on singular and plural nouns from MimioConnect. However, the colors in the text boxes didn’t appear quite right, and the “answer” words were visible in the left side of the Magic Window. (Kate explains in the video why that sometimes happens.)

Watch Kate use the Mimio Color Picker Tool to match the text colors and get the Magic Window working correctly. When she’s finished using the Mimio Color Picker, she drags the word through the Magic Window, it “magically” changes into the correct answer!


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