VIDEO: Using MimioStudio Text Tools on a Mac: Where’s My Onscreen Keyboard?

using mimiostudio text tools on a mac

We’re addressing a question about MimioStudio Text Tools on a Mac after receiving a question from one of our customers this month. When using MimioStudio on her Mac, she clicked on the Text Tools icon in the MimioStudio toolbar. The Writing Pad came up, but the onscreen keyboard did not.

MimioStudio Text Tools provide alternative ways to enter text into text fields in your software. You can open them by choosing the Applications icon on the MimioStudio toolbar.

click applications iconclick to select text tools

access mimiostudio text tools

The onscreen keyboard in MimioStudio is a convenience item that allows you to input text into a browser or application without having to use your computer keyboard. This is especially helpful if you are interacting with the software from an interactive display or tablet and your computer is across the room.

This teacher noticed that she had no option to open an onscreen keyboard on her Mac. The writing pad was the only option.

where's my onscreen keyboard


Enabling Mac’s Built-in Onscreen Keyboard

Mac computers have a virtual onscreen keyboard, so you’ll use that onscreen keyboard rather than a keyboard built into MimioStudio. In fact, I enjoy having this preference enabled anyway, because it also provides quick access to symbols that I frequently use while typing.

Watch the video below to see the built-in Mac onscreen keyboard and find out how to enable it in your computer preferences.


Learn More About MimioStudio Text Tools

We’ve only discussed accessing the onscreen keyboard on a Mac in this blog post. For more information and to see the writing pad in action, which allows you to input text with your handwritten rather than a keyboard, go to the Mimio Video Tutorials page, scroll down to Advanced Topics and choose Text Tools.

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