VIDEO: Individualize Instruction with Quick GradeCam Data

One of the best things about GradeCam in the classroom is the speed at which students receive feedback on their work.  When something this quick and easy allows teachers to see where students are struggling, it becomes that much easier for a prepared teacher to individualize instruction for the student on the spot.

While it is easy to talk about how badly we need to individualize instruction, it is often significantly harder to pull off in a classroom of 30 students in a 45-minute class period.  (enter stage right) GradeCam – a fast and easy assessment tool that can make individualized instruction possible in every classroom.

GradeCam in Rowan County Schools

The district of Rowan County Schools in Kentucky created the video below to demonstrate how easy it is to use GradeCam Insight, what kind of data can be gathered, the advantage of immediate feedback for kids and teacher, and the overall awesomeness of GradeCam!

You will notice this teacher is conferencing with each student individually and making a plan for what standards each student needs to address with reteaching and more study.

WATCH VIDEO: GradeCam in Action in Rowan County Schools